Working Safely with Flammable Liquids in California

Course Description:

This session will guide you through a variety of topics that will help you understand how to work safely with flammable liquids. By the time the session is over, you will be able to know the different types or classes of flammable liquids and their definitions; match the type of flammable liquid with its degree of hazard; understand what flash points are; understand what makes these potentially dangerous liquids ignite; know to handle, dispense, and store them in order to prevent harmful incidents; and know where to look for additional and specific information on flammable liquids, including the California Code of Regulations.

Course Duration: 39 minutes

Why “Working Safely with Flammable Liquids in California” Matters:

Working with flammable liquids can be dangerous work. Vapors from flammable liquids can ignite with explosive force from no more than a spark. Once ignited, fires from flammable liquids can be very difficult to extinguish as they often spread quickly. Often, these materials are liquids that we handle every day, such as common cleaning supplies or motor oil. Understanding their hazards and taking measures of precaution when handling, dispensing, and storing them can save lives. Being prepared and preventing fires at the workplace not only save lives but also save valuable resources. Each year, there are approximately 70,000 to 80,000 serious workplace fires in the United States. But with the proper understanding and training, every death and injury caused by flammable liquids can be prevented!

Key Points:

  • Know how to recognize flammable liquids at your workplace.
  • Know how they should be handled, and educate yourself on every class of hazardous liquid you work with.
  • Understand how a flammable liquid can cause a fire.
  • Always read their warning signs and labels.
  • Practice safe procedures when it comes to storing, handling, and dispensing flammable liquids.
  • Refer to the California Code of Regulations, Title 8 publication, which details every aspect of working with flammable liquids in your particular work environment.

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