Workplace Harassment Microlearning Courses

Course Description:

The Workplace Harassment microlearning library consists of 48 courses divided into 8 content areas, including retaliation, changing behaviors, bystander intervention, workplace civility, consequences, third-party harassment, quid pro quo/power dynamics, and legal standard reinforcement.


Courses Titles:

Workplace Is No Place for Retaliation

Tables Turned Lessons Learned

Power Play Crosses the Line

Don’t Let Harassment Be Your Legacy

Cuts Like a Knife Incivility Kills Morale

Brush It Off or Speak Up

VIP Very Important Purchaser

To Coworker With Love

Offsite is Not Off the Record

Technical Foul, No Holding!

Bad Breakup Leads to Bad Business

Girls Can’t Code

PR Nightmares on Elm Street

Majority Doesn’t Rule

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Don’t Honey Me, Honey

Off-Color Jokes Should Be Off the Menu

Bad Reference Is Bad Business

Share a Bed Get Ahead

Hands Off the Repair Man

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Lucky To Still Have a Job!

Most of These Things Are Just Like the Other

A Woman’s Work Duties As Assigned

The Big Reveal

Is There an Echo In Here?

Have a Complaint You’re Fired

An Invitation She Can’t Refuse

Pardon the Interruption

Give Me a Break

Job On the Rocks

Relationship Status Awkward

There’s No Excuse for Bad Behavior

Double Jeopardy

No Room At the Table

Not Your Story to Tell

Keep It To Yourself

Leave Your Political Views At the Door

Get Your Act Together

Do Not Disturb

From One Friend to Another

Be a Manager Not a Matchmaker

Unequal Enforcement Is a Bad Fit

We Can Work It Out

Can’t Go Back Again

One Bad Apple

Grab a Seat

Can’t Give a Compliment