Customized training programs that shift leadership performance into high gear.


Hire a coach to make a dramatic shift in the effectiveness of your leaders, or develop a coaching training program to establish a coaching culture in your organization.  All of our programs are designed to allow your team to focus on coaching as an essential competency for leaders at all levels. Clients will select from our outstanding leadership coaches, all of which have an overwhelming passion for coaching.A “good-fit”, no obligation call is available to confirm a successful working relationship.


Rapid Action Learning | Experience immediate impact for the successful execution of current projects, including:

  • Six virtual coaching sessions
  • A three month assignment
  • A first call appointment within 48 hours
  • Your selection from a team of certified professional coaches with extensive managerial experience


Personal Impact Coaching | Personalized coaching for your most important issues, designed for your individual contributors and mid-level leaders:

  • Access to pre-approved, highly-talented leadership coaches
  • Coach interviews with key stakeholders
  • An initial three hour, in-person objective setting call to establish objectives and expectations for success
  • Suite of needs-based assessments
  • Ten personal, on-hour coaching sessions
  • Six to nine month program duration
  • Mid-term and full-term progress reports

Executive Leadership Coaching | Custom-tailored coaching programs to match senior level clients with a master coach for the adoption of high-impact leadership practices, accomplished through a 6-month retainer based program encompassing:

  • An initial “good-fit” call
  • A full-day preparatory meeting to help the client understand expectations of the process
  • Personality indicators, assessments, and values identifiers
  • Weekly coaching conversations
  • Client shadowing (when appropriate)

Leadership Assessment Coaching | Feedback coaching through 360 assessments:

  • Two personal sessions with a leadership coach, to first support interpretation of the report, and the second to develop an action plan for application of feedback

Learning Application Coaching | Learn to apply coaching lessons to your day-to-day work

  • Identify and execute actions to immediately apply the most important learning to their day-to-day work
  • Find ways to accelerate the change process
  • Develop an action plan for the graduate to commit to sustained new leadership habits


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