Construction Safety Spanish

From crane rigging to power tool safety to fall protection, the new Construction Safety Library (Spanish) is the go-to resource for all construction employees. Choose a course and start covering your safety bases!

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Aerial Lift Safety—Spanish

Arc Flash Safety—Spanish

Asbestos Awareness—Spanish

Avoiding Back Injuries—Spanish

Basic First Aid for Medical Emergencies—Spanish

Battery Safety—Spanish

Blasting and Explosives Safety—Spanish

Chainsaw Safety for Construction Workers—Spanish

Contractor Safety—Spanish

Crane Rigging in Construction—Spanish

Dipping, Coating, and Cleaning Operations—Spanish

Electrical Safety for Unqualified Construction Workers—Spanish

Excavation Safety for Construction Workers—Spanish

Fall Protection in Construction (Spanish)

Flaggers’ Safety in Highway Work Zones—Spanish

Forklift Operator Safety—Spanish

Gas Safety for Construction Workers-Spanish

Hazard Communication and GHS—What Employees Need to Know (Spanish)

Introduction to Rough Terrain Forklift Safety—Spanish

Lead Safety in Construction—Spanish

Permit-Required Confined Space Rescue for Supervisors—Spanish

Permit-Required Confined Spaces: Attendant—Spanish

Permit-Required Confined Spaces: Entrant —Spanish

Portable Power Tool Safety—Spanish

Powered Platform Safety—Spanish

Refueling Equipment—Spanish

Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction: Preventing Exposure

Scaffolds in Construction—Spanish

Trenching: Competent Person—Spanish

Underground Construction: Tunneling—Spanish

Welding and Cutting Safety for Construction Workers—Spanish

Working in Cold Conditions—Spanish

Working in Hot Conditions—Spanish

Working Safely Around Heavy Equipment—Spanish

Working Safely Near Power Lines—Spanish

Working Safely Outdoors—Spanish