Cyber Security

Panera. Sears. Saks. Delta Airlines. Even local governments in Atlanta and Charlotte. It seems that nowadays, no one is immune to cybercrime threats. In fact, a recent study predicts that cybercrime damage will cost $6 trillion annually by 2020, up $3 trillion from 1 year ago.

“The need for cyber security training is more apparent now than ever,” says BLR’s Vice President of Learning and Development David Gomes,  “Our brand-new Cyber Security library, developed with the help of cyber security industry experts, helps our TrainingToday customers learn best practices that can protect their data and keep their organization digitally safe.”

So, what can you do to help protect your organization? TrainingToday can help! TrainingToday has developed the Cyber Security library to help you learn more about cybercrime and what you can do to protect yourself.

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