Leadership for Managers and Supervisors

The Leadership for Managers and Supervisors Library provides tools and information to managers and supervisors to improve management, leadership and business skills.

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Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers

Coaching for Superior Employee Performance: Techniques for Supervisors

Communicating Up: How to Talk to High-Level Management

Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building

Dealing with Change: How Supervisors Can Help

Effective Meetings: How-to for Supervisors

Encouraging Employee Input

Handling Employee Complaints

How to Manage Challenging Employees

Leadership Skills: What New Managers and Supervisors Need to Know

Motivating Employees: Tips and Tactics for Supervisors

Negotiation Skills for Supervisors

New Supervisors’ Guide to Effective Supervision

Performance Goals: How Goals Help Supervisors Manage Employees More Effectively

Planning and Organizing Skills for Supervisors

Problem Solving for Supervisors

Professional Behavior: What Supervisors Need to Know

Supervising Special Groups

Time Management for Supervisors

Top-Down Communication for Supervisors

Training the Trainer: Effective Techniques for Dynamic Training

Training the Trainer: Effective Techniques for Dynamic Training—Spanish

Workplace Ethics for Supervisors