New Manager Micro eLearning Program

The New Manager Micro eLearning Program will help participants manage and lead with impact in their new roles by encouraging behaviors, mindsets, and actions that will improve trust and credibility and enhance their effectiveness. Participants will learn the key components of a Manager’s Mindset, how to Build Trust and Credibility, what skills are critical in a Manager’s Toolbox, and why shifting from a Manager to a Leader will have the greatest impact.


This library is sold separately. Available as an Add-On to the HR All-Access library.

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Building Credibility: Building Trust & Credibility

Building Credibility: Managing Your Boss

Building Credibility: Seeking Early Wins

Building Credibility: Trusted Communicator


Manager’s Toolbox: Accountability

Manager’s Toolbox: Alignment

Manager’s Toolbox: Delegation

Manager’s Toolbox: Feedback

Manager’s Toolbox: Goal Setting

Manager’s Toolbox: Performance Management

Managing to Leading: Coaching

Managing to Leading: Creating a Learning Culture

Managing to Leading: Diversity & Inclusion

Managing to Leading: Manager to Leader

Managing to Leading: Talent Development

Managing to Leading: Team Building

The Manager’s Mindset: Authority vs. Influence

The Manager’s Mindset: Manager’s Mindset