Preventing Sexual Harassment in Illinois (Spanish)

Course Titles and Descriptions

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response for Employees in Illinois (Spanish)

Illinois law mandates that every employer with employees working in the state must provide sexual harassment prevention training annually to its employees on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. This course meets those requirements with hypothetical workplace scenarios, interactive “Knowledge Checks” throughout to assess learning, skill-building activities, ability to “ask a question” about the training, and a final quiz with results retained for your records. This course will provide your employees with the information and practical guidance regarding state and federal laws, how to prevent, respond to, and correct sexual harassment, and remedies available to persons subject to harassment.

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response for Illinois Supervisors/Employees: Restaurants and Bars (Spanish)

Sexual harassment can disrupt the workplace and cause lasting problems for everyone involved. The pressures and pace in the hospitality industry often lead to great camaraderie amongst staff. But the flip side to that is an informality that allows inappropriate behavior to go unchecked. When you add the element of dealing with customers—some who have been drinking—to the mix, there is great potential for inappropriate behavior, which could lead to employer liability. By the end of this course, supervisors and employees should be able to identify ways in which the unique employment setting found in restaurant and bars leads to unique challenges as well as recognize, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior when it does happen.