Keeping up with the latest technology and trends in training is one of the best ways for users to stay engaged, and that is why we’re so excited about our latest microlearning offerings.

So, what is microlearning?

Microlearning is a way of delivering training so employees engage in the content in small, specific bursts. The content is delivered through regular push notifications, which is scientifically proven to maximize retention and prevent information overload. This is particularly helpful not only when you have very complex topics to cover but also as a way to support a behavioral change for the benefit of your company culture.


What are the benefits of microlearning?

  • It makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient.
  • It creates 50% more engagement.
  • Learning in 3- to 7-minute stretches matches the working memory capacity.


TrainingToday’s microlearning libraries include:

Workplace Harassment: With workplace harassment lawsuits dominating headlines these days, it’s crucial for you to train your team on workplace harassment prevention so that your organization can be a part of the solution. We have an extensive list of courses that can help you get started.

Cyber Security: Cyber security threats are becoming more commonplace as technology continues to evolve. Keep your data and personal company information safe with our cyber security training.



You can see how it all works in the video below!

By utilizing these courses, you’ll be able to not only present the topic but also reinforce it throughout the year, which will help your team’s understanding and retention.