Train smarter with TrainingToday.

For many organizations, training can be stressful and time-consuming. Developing a single training course that is educational, interesting, and follows federal and state requirements can take more than 40 hours of work. And then once the course is developed, it needs to be scheduled, delivered to employees, and properly documented. That is valuable time that many organizations just don’t have.

But that’s where BLR’s TrainingToday can help!

TrainingToday provides online education programs for employees and supervisors. We offer an extensive course library on hundreds of workplace topics, engaging and interactive presentations, and valuable training tools. We’re also mobile friendly, so you can train anywhere, anytime.

In order to fit into your training plan, TrainingToday offers multiple LMS delivery platforms for you to choose from, including a Professional version and an Enterprise version. TrainingToday Enterprise gives you the power to customize courses to best meet your organization’s specific standards and practices. TrainingToday Professional is the easy, budget-friendly system for training for supervisors and employees.

With Training Today’s online training solutions, it’s easy to see how you can completely transform the way you train your workforce.


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